The Endres Family….at home

I feel like this session was a long time coming. It finally happened and I could not be happier with the way the images of this beautiful family turned out.


When Somer posted on social media and talked about how she could pick apart so many little tiny things about her family in the photos, it made me so aware of the way I choose and LOVE to photograph. I don’t want everything to be perfect because it isn’t. I don’t feel like there is a need to match everyone’s clothing or spend half a paycheck on new outfits for everyone to look perfect just so you can have updated family photos or portraits. It’s too overwhelming (for me anyway) and I know there are others like me. Every one of the people in my photos is their own person and you should be. Being photographed together as a family and seeing it on your walls is what family photos are about. YOUR INDIVIDUAL FAMILY. There are no two alike.

In Somer’s words to describe the day….”I have really wanted to have the kind of pics that I didn’t have to run our and spend time or money picking the “right” outfit, a place where we were most comfortable (our home), not having to be positioned/posed to look like that “perfect” family……Just US. Well, it was the hottest day EVER. P looked like he just got out of the shower sweating so bad, S wore a jacket, my hair went from smooth to frizz when I walked outside, and K wore white socks with his black Vans. When I look at these pics…I see “raw” perfection.



July Afternoon – Union, MO Photographer

It’s not very often that we get an unexpected afternoon with Kory so we took advantage of it and hung out in the pool with the kids for a bit. I also got to play….. 🙂 Everyone was happy. The water was still a bit murky but it made for awesome images. Who wants an underwater session???

Heart Punch

I finally had some ample time to sit in front of the computer and get random stuff done. I came across some old pieces and O…..M…..G. You never realize how far you can get away from yourself. Creating the art I wanted to at that moment and diving so far into it that what you get in the ending is so far from where you ever started. I don’t feel like I’ve just created in a long time. So time for some change. Cheers.


FINN LIGHT WEBGoddessKids Light Leak WEBFinn light 2 web

The Hendry’s – Union, MO Family Photographer

I’ve known Elizabeth for a few years now. Our kids went to an amazing preschool together and I’m so glad we were in the same class. This little bunch of amazing people are so incredibly kind and would you just look at how adorable these kids are!!! They have been blessed with 5 beautiful babes. Is it chaotic? Sure, what family isn’t? But just being with this crew makes you appreciate how precious children are and how much I want each and every family I photograph to see how amazing they are.

Much Love to you all.



We actually got our pool open a few weeks early this year. The kids could not wait! I’m so glad we did, and we skipped tadpole season 😂. Usually we are wading in green murky water cleaning it out and we are joining about 5 million tadpoles. Needless to say we swim with frogs all summer. I tell my kids to float on the their backs and listen to the frogs in the evening and pretend that they’re in the middle of a giant lake looking up at the sky. You should try it sometime. 😉 I never ever want to forget these moments with these three.

Kids swim 18 01 webKids swim 18 03 webKids swim 18 04 webKids swim 18 05 webKids swim 18 02 webKids swim 18 07 web

Feel It.

This is what a rainy afternoon looks like at our house. When it’s warm anyway.
GO OUTSIDE even if it’s raining. Feel it. Feel the way it is on your face. Feel your clothes getting tighter, and listen to the frogs, and other creatures come out and speak to us. Isn’t it amazing? Hear the thunder that scares others to hide. Man, I don’t know what I would do to never hear a storm again.  We LOVE the rain and embrace it. Don’t be afraid of them getting dirty, encourage it!! See the raindrops roll off of their eyelashes. The way the mud feels between your toes as the ground tries to absorb the water. Feel every bit of it and if you do it enough you’ll crave it next time.
See them how they were, for real.

May Rain 18 16 webRain 18 1-3May Rain 18 24 webMay Rain 18 12 webMay Rain 18 08 webMay Rain 18 20 webMay Rain 18 06 webMay Rain 18 15 webMay Rain 18 14 webMay Rain 18 23 webMay Rain 18 09 webRain 18 1-2May Rain 18 19 webMay Rain 18 18 webMay Rain 18 02 webMay Rain 18 05 webMay Rain 18 21 webMay Rain 18 10 webMay Rain 18 17 webMay Rain 18 07 webMay Rain 18 22 webMay Rain 18 11 webRain 18 1-1May Rain 18 25 webRain 18 1-4





Hold Vomit in.

Here I go.

I CAN do this.

I’ve done this before and written the same words. I’ve started and stopped so many times that you’re probably annoyed I’m doing it again. Haha. Third times a charm right?

I don’t put myself out there ever. I hide and avoid people both online and in person. It is hard to even go take my daughter to dance or go to school parties, hell even the grocery store sometimes. Every time it’s a struggle and I do it because I have to but it’s hard as hell and I have a headache when I get home because I’ve stressed myself out over nothing. Is it dealing with depression my entire adult life? That’s part of it but it mostly comes down to one thing.


That’s why. It’s fear. It’s fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, thin enough, pretty enough etc. And that goes for my life and my photography. It’s so true that I have to quote Brooke Shaden’s tat “fear is the mind killer” true.

Along with the fear it’s getting lost. Getting lost in doing things for everyone around you and nothing for yourself. You let yourself go in every aspect and you completely lose who you are and what you want. You put yourself on the back burner for so long the thought of doing something for yourself almost feels wrong. It’s everything from the small things like going outside and worrying that someone will want to talk to you to the huge things like starting a career. You know you can do any of them if you just get out of your own way and stop giving a shit about what your tribe will say (and they will say it) and just doing it. It’s hard that’s why.

I have been doing a lot of value work and I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. Trying to realize that I am just one person on this HUGE planet and that there is so much more to focus on than things people may or may not be thinking. It comes down to what you do for others. Again, just like you do everyday with the ones you love only not getting lost for yourself. You HAVE to do things for yourself. I feel like I am finally getting some freedom with #3 starting kindergarten this year. I am going to put myself into doing this, for myself and for the world. I need to live through creativity and share it. I know I’ll touch someone.  I’m going to try. I am. I don’t ever ask for help but I’m going to now. I will need a boost sometimes. I might need someone to ask about me if they haven’t heard from me in a while.

You didn’t think I was going to put a clear picture of myself up yet did you?  🙂