Feel It.

This is what a rainy afternoon looks like at our house. When it’s warm anyway.
GO OUTSIDE even if it’s raining. Feel it. Feel the way it is on your face. Feel your clothes getting tighter, and listen to the frogs, and other creatures come out and speak to us. Isn’t it amazing? Hear the thunder that scares others to hide. Man, I don’t know what I would do to never hear a storm again.  We LOVE the rain and embrace it. Don’t be afraid of them getting dirty, encourage it!! See the raindrops roll off of their eyelashes. The way the mud feels between your toes as the ground tries to absorb the water. Feel every bit of it and if you do it enough you’ll crave it next time.
See them how they were, for real.

May Rain 18 16 webRain 18 1-3May Rain 18 24 webMay Rain 18 12 webMay Rain 18 08 webMay Rain 18 20 webMay Rain 18 06 webMay Rain 18 15 webMay Rain 18 14 webMay Rain 18 23 webMay Rain 18 09 webRain 18 1-2May Rain 18 19 webMay Rain 18 18 webMay Rain 18 02 webMay Rain 18 05 webMay Rain 18 21 webMay Rain 18 10 webMay Rain 18 17 webMay Rain 18 07 webMay Rain 18 22 webMay Rain 18 11 webRain 18 1-1May Rain 18 25 webRain 18 1-4



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